Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Strategies Tool Kit
A resource for unions, their signatory employers and partners in the workforce, education and economic development communities.

Sharing Success
Common policies and practices of urban WIBS reporting high client earnings.

Unions as Partners
Expanding the role of organized labor in workforce development.

We Do the Work
Teacher Study Guides (Vol. 2).

Current Jobs & Future Options
A guide for unions to educate youth about work.

Community Workforce Provisions in Project Labor Agreements
A tool for building middle-class careers.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Resources for Union-Sponsored Occupational Training Programs, Including Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Fulfilling the Promise of the Workforce Investment Act
A Survey of Labor Representatives on Workforce Investment Boards

It’s Your Job…These Are Your Rights
A guide for young workers.

Implementing a Local School-to-Work Partnership
A series of how-to modules.

Looking Forward
School-to-work principle and strategies for sustainability.

Economic Development
A union guide to the high road.

Worker Centered Learning
A union guide to basic skills.

School-to-Work on the High Road with Unions in the Lead
How-to tips for planning and implementing a student internship and union-led mentorship program in the workplace.

Reaching the Next Step
How school-to-career can help students reach high academic standards and prepare for good jobs.

Involving Unions in School-to-Work Initiatives
A guide for school-to-work systems and stakeholders.

The Union Handbook for Workforce Investment Act Implemetation
A guide to implement the Workforce Investment Act in a state or local area.

Changing Work
A union guide to workplace change.

Serving Workers in Transition
A guide for peer support.